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heyyyyyyy its that time again!! ive officially posted 20 days of 30daysoftomlinshaw!! and since i fucked up the order again, here is a list of them all in order:

  1. favorite moment
  2. song that represents
  3. favorite headcanon
  4. write a canon fic prompt
  5. favorite 3some addition
  6. how i started shipping
  7. favorire fluff headcanon
  8. underrated/unused trope
  9. what they fight about
  10. favorite angst headcanon
  11. old tomlinshaw
  12. draw something
  13. high school/college/uni ideas
  14. favorite smut headcanon
  15. write au fic prompt
  16. fic response
  17. genderswapped headcanons
  18. ideal tomlinshaw family
  19. favorite crossover idea
  20. randomised sentences

thank u 4 ur attention :)

#30daysoftomlinshaw | day twenty: randomised senteces

so for today i thought it would be easier if the book i picked was a one direction book. the 1st time it landed on a picture of niall. the second time was liam talking about how hes excited for the movie (this is us) and writing more. so can i relate this to tomlinshaw in some way? no i cannot.

6x05, Shiny Objects.


From scandal to spotlight